LAUTER is a German word meaning “louder” or “more sonorous”, which evokes our mission of bringing classical music closer to new and younger ears.

LAUTER is an international project headquartered in Italy and led by a diverse group of musicians, jurists, communication experts and musicologists from all over the world.


We believe that classical music is one of the cultural pillars of modern Europe – as vital a component to our collective cultural identity as Europe's architectural and artistic treasures.
LAUTER strives to rekindle curiosity and love for classical music through outreach on three different levels: musical, cultural and social.
We approach our musical performances as inclusive works-in-progress, to which collaboration and contributions by all are fundamental

Creating tomorrow's audiences today

LAUTER is a broad initiative, but our various projects all engage the three essential activities at the core of LAUTER's mission:

-classical music outreach
-working with young people
-putting music in dialogue with other artistic disciplines

The connective tissue through our activities is a commitment to meaningful dialogue and exchange: between musicians, the public at large, and – most importantly – young audiences. Getting involved at a “grass roots” level to carry out common projects is LAUTER's abiding aim.

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